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Our branches

Ras Hassan – the middle of Al Madar Street
Sectoral: 0915040030
Wholesale: 0915080060

Al-Nasr Street, opposite Jamila Al-Azmerli Institute
Customer Services : 0910258080
Maintenance Center: 0916666212

Qurji Road, in front of Al-Aman Bank, previously
Phone number: 0919002274

Near the traffic light, Awlad Bin Al-Hajj, opposite the Oasis Bank, Souq juma
Phone number: 0910158080

After Al-Furnaj Island, towards the seventh, and before the traffic light on your left hand
Phone number: 0911020099

Al-Jarabah Street, near the crossroads of Ras Hassan
Phone number: 0911874829

Near Zliten Gold Market
Phone number: 0919601212

Address: Janzour Al Souq, next to Libyana Company
Phone number: 0911874826

Address: Global Market – near Qasr Bin Ghashir Island
Phone number: 0914166007 – 0924166007

Address: Next to Tripoli Station, opposite Al-Basha Mosque
Phone number: 0911000269

First branch :
Al-Sadr Hospital Street, formerly the resistance, opposite the tree house for herbs
Phone number: 0911451111 –
second branch
The second ring, Al-Bireh, opposite the former Saida battalion, before Simafro, bumps street on the left
Phone number: 0913305646

First branch :
Al-Qardah Branch: The narrow street branching off from Al-Qardah Square, 200 meters from the square.
Phone number: 0915140606

Second branch:
Mansheya Branch – Mobile Shops Street (606)
Phone number: 0913853366

First branch
Benghazi Branch 1 El Kish:
Extension of Wakalat Street, opposite the former Fadhil Brigade
Phone number: 0913721111 – 0915851111
second branch
Benghazi Branch 2 Agencies:
Wakalat Street after the Bank of Commerce and Development
Phone number: 0913721111 – 0915851111

Damascus neighborhood in front of Amal Ajdabiya Hotel
Phone number: 0913721111 – 0915851111

Andalus Street, behind the new Al Wahda Bank
Phone number: 920071111 – 0920081111

Venice Street – formerly Omar Mukhtar
Phone number: 0940071111 – 0940081111

Sidra Road – Ain Zara Inside Royal Mall
Phone number:


Tajoura – Al-Shat Road – Al-Andalus Island inside the Taj Mall
Phone number:0913852255

Industrial District – Al-Daribi inside the City Mall
Phone number:


Near Al-Mamoun Hotel on Al-Rasheed Street
Phone number: 0918148042

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customers service : 0911963333

customers service : 0921963333

Service Center Nasr Branch  : 0916666212

Service Center Jaraba Branch : 0910008449

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